"My oil paintings focus on silence, the passage of time, and the preservation of history. By presenting empty historical spaces as they exist today, I invite viewers to contemplate not only the actual history of the locations presented, but also our relationship to history. My paintings question what gets preserved, who is remembered, and what will stand long after we are gone. The format of my paintings is the same ratio as a film still. By composing the spaces cinematically, I invite the viewer to become the protagonist. This gives the works a sense of mystery and narrative tension. I am interested in our desire to idealize the past, and by making meticulously detailed paintings, I highlight not only the craft and workmanship of the architectural spaces I paint, but also the time needed to create these labor-intensive works." - Arin Dineen

Arin Dineen was born in Severna Park, Maryland, and now resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She holds a BFA in Studio Art from Wesleyan University where she received the Jessup Prize for Art and Design.  Arin Dineen has been with Ellsworth Gallery since 2013 and has participated in a number of exhibitions including Sight Lines, 2014; Artists' Choice, 2016, and her latest exhibition with Ellsworth Gallery opening June 16th, 2017, Taking Wing.  Dineen's paintings are in private collections in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, California, and New Mexico.