William Dubby Fuqua

William Dubby Fuqua is a Santa Fe artist whose assemblage sculptures make ironic reference to spirituality and the human predicament.  Beginning his artistic endeavors in 1965, while living in Topanga Canyon, fuqua was influenced by regional assemblage artists and found influence from the masters like Duchamp, Breton, and Louise Nevelson.  With a desire to expand and evolve the genre with his own creativity, fuqua pairs each of his works with his own quirky stories and/or explanations.

"My repurposed works encompass the beautiful and the ugly; the funky and the refined; the fragile and the strong; the valuable and the useless," says fuqua.  Perhaps placing his own life experiences into his works, fuqua can relate to such words having overcome debilitating illness, feast and famine within multiple industries, and moments where fatherhood meant placing his creative aspirations as a lower priority.  

Will Dubby Fuqua has found success with his art after decades of interferences, to which he humbly accepted.  Now a local to beautiful and renowned Santa Fe, NM, Fuqua plans to continue on his creative path, "...until I'm too old to use power tools, or buy more glue."