Roger Van Ouytsel

Roger Van Ouytsel is a Belgian-American painter whose body of work developed over a lifetime of attention to detail, imagination, and spirituality. Van Ouytsel holds an MFA from Academy of Fine Art, Mechelen, Belgium, 1963.

In his own words...
“As a painter, I love to work with color, movement and imagination. When I work with these qualities, I let my intuition and physical energy take over. This is my way of seeking and manifesting a sense of beauty and curiosity.  Often I use raw, textural paint, ink, markers or graphite in ways that let the medium speak.  In choosing content, I’m drawn to explore nature and the human experience of being part of the natural world. As part of this process, I create stories, and while the stories grow out of nature, they speak to issues that can be spiritual, social, historical or even cosmic. They speak to the conscious and unconscious mind.”

“Painting gives meaning to my life because through it, I speak with my own voice, to express how I see life and the world around me.  I enjoy sharing this experience with the public”