Day of Wonders - Roger Van Ouytsel

Roger Van Ouytsel

Day of Wonders

60 x 72 x 2Oil on Canvas
Van Ouytsel first began this work of art in 1998, and finally finished in 2014. Awaiting a series of events in his life to unfold before he could call the painting "finished", Day of Wonders is a testament to artists dedicating their life to their body of work. The depth of this painting, filled with layered pigments selectively placed with emotional intent, invites viewers to submerse themselves within this story; this Day of Wonders. Signed original Archival materials International shipping rates available upon request Visit Ellsworth Gallery's website to view an artist profile video of Roger Van Ouytsel. Click the Artist tab, scroll to Roger Van Ouytsel, and click Profile Video. ellsworthgallery[dot]com