Dec 14 2018 - Feb 11 2019

Join Ellsworth Gallery for the opening of 'In the Ruins of the Anthropocene.' Popularized by atmospheric chemist Paul J. Crutzen in 2000, the ‘anthropocene’ (from 'anthropos' meaning “human” and 'kainos' meaning “new” or “recent") has been presented as the term for a new and our most current geological epoch. This epoch is one defined by humankind as the preeminent influencer and generator of geological forces. From plastics becoming sedimentary elements to the spectacle of unprecedented climate change driven natural disasters, the examples are wide-ranging and unavoidable. 'In the Ruins of the Anthropocene' gathers together works by Ellsworth Gallery artists and others in order to think through a range of aspects and issues that touch upon the anthropocene.

A reception with light refreshments will be held on Friday, December 14th, from 5PM to 7PM at our gallery in downtown Santa Fe. The exhibition will be on view through Sunday, February 3rd.

The exhibition includes: Chaz John, Amie LeGette, Dylan McLaughlin, Ryan Young, Israel Francisco Haros Lopez, Liz Brindley, JC Gonzo, Erin Gould, Yvette Serrano, Drew Cassidy Lenihan, Omar Lazri, Jill Pelto, Maxwell Bennett, Elise Ansel, Lorraine Glessner, Peter Harrington, Jackie Q, and Michael Fitzhugh Wright.