Works by michael wright and claire mcardle

Jun 14 2019 - Aug 04 2019

Join Ellsworth Gallery, 215 East Palace Ave, Santa Fe, NM, for the opening of Anthology. Originating from Greece, in reference to the gathering or collecting of flowers, ‘anthology’ has come to denote a range of categorical selections, often seeking to highlight the most characteristic from within a given genre.

This is Ellsworth Gallery’s third show featuring the work of Michael Wright, an acclaimed abstract painter with a long and esteemed career. Having begun painting under Willem de Kooning, Michael worked diligently to develop his own unique contributions to abstraction. Going through many permutations over the decades, Wright’s exploration of various styles and approaches to his medium cast a wide net, but are nonetheless nuanced and thorough.

Anthology presents a considered selection from throughout the artist’s career, while showcasing a substantial selection from a series of previously un-exhibited pointillist-inspired paintings from the early 2000s. With titles like Bait Fish and Feeding Frenzy, the swirling canvases evoke schools of tropical fish or ponds shimmering with koi.

Wright’s paintings are paired with works by Colorado-based sculptor Claire McArdle. McArdle’s work explores and draws from an anthology of classical sculptural media and techniques — from Carrara marble and bronze, to gilding and the lost-wax method. This will also be Claire McArdle’s third exhibition with Ellsworth Gallery.

Where Michael Wright has long been influenced by jazz, Claire McArdle’s work has similarly been inspired by musicality and the physical movement it evokes. Please join us on Friday, June 14th, from 5—7PM, for live music and public reception celebrating the lives and work of these esteemed accomplished artists.