Oct 24 2019 - Nov 16 2019

Fifty years after John Lennon and Yoko Ono invited the world into their bedroom to be witness to their politically driven “bed-in,” Ellsworth Gallery and Urban Art Tripping will be reawakening the same sentiments and conversations the couple began back in 1969. Were they going to get naked--do drugs--have sex?, the public and reporters first asked themselves. No, John and Yoko were in bed to show the world a new form of passive protest. By separating one’s self from the indifferent, corrupt system of the outer world, they brought light back to where intimacy, connection, and ultimately the purest self of self begins: the bed. It’s time to do it again!

By transforming the front gallery into an intimate, fully-furnished bedroom, members of the greater Santa Fe community will stage their own personal "bed-in." Lying in bed alone, with a person(s), or pet of their choosing, these participants will be in full view of the front window, the curtains parted, the stage their own to express themselves in whichever way they want, without fear or judgement.

Are you spooked by the current political situation? In these troubling, dissonant times are you feeling divided and seeking unison? If so, follow this link here to fill out an application. The available slots will be 3-5pm, 5-7pm, and 7-9pm, Thursday-Saturday.

*Please note, that filling out an application does not guarantee a performance slot. Registrations will be considered on a first come, first served basis.

So, come on and get in bed with us! Make your statement. Stage your own show