New Fauna

May 22 2021 - Jul 04 2021

If you dress up like a deer and go into the woods, what are you? A deer, a human, or something else? In New Fauna, artist Tommy Bruce makes opaque the clear demarcations of human/non-human, real/virtual, and animate/inanimate through his playful yet carefully composed photographs of the Furry commu...

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A Visit to the Samurai Culture of Feudal Japan

Apr 01 2013 - Oct 01 2024

Gallery owner Barry Ellsworth curates an ongoing exhibition of Samurai Arts in the West Gallery. Step into Feudal Japan and encounter the exquisite antiques that were created under the patronage of the the samurai class. Delicate ink paintings, screens, carved wood statuary, swords and sword furni...

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D1 & D2: Re-Connection

Doug Coffin & Doug Black

Jul 09 2021 - Aug 22 2021

At the core of D1 & D2... rests the personal and creative bond between both artists. It is no coincidence the two have the same first name, as Doug Black is named after Doug Coffin, his godfather. Both originating from Lawrence, KS, Coffin & Black have fostered a decades-long relationship leading u...

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