Feb 28 2020 - Aug 30 2020

Opening Febraury 28th, Smash Portraits, a new exhibit by artist Greg Ballenger, will compliment Ballenger's main concurrent exhibition The Hazy World as a body of work exploring painting and performance as a vehicle for healing indigenous historical trauma. Inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, ...

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The Hazy World // Łid Bichahałeeł

New works by greg ballenger

Feb 28 2020 - Aug 30 2020

In The Hazy World (Łid Bichahałeeł), artist Greg Ballenger explores his indigenous ancestry by turning towards the singular architecture, the specific methods and modes of creating and maintaining space, existing across the Navajo reservations of today. Having grown up in close proximity to this ...

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From far east to southwest

Jul 12 2019 - Aug 30 2020

Ellsworth Gallery has taken the Eastern inspiration behind Doug Coffin's recent work as the impetus to present Full Circle: Doug Coffin, from Far East to Southwest, an exhibition that integrates our previously divided areas of concentration. The exhibition title, Full Circle, refers as much to the g...

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A Visit to the Samurai Culture of Feudal Japan

Apr 01 2013 - Oct 01 2024

Gallery owner Barry Ellsworth curates an ongoing exhibition of Samurai Arts in the West Gallery. Step into Feudal Japan and encounter the exquisite antiques that were created under the patronage of the the samurai class. Delicate ink paintings, screens, carved wood statuary, swords and sword furni...

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